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Our franchised company is dedicated to providing unbiased inspections of pipeline systems. So... is being "unbiased" really that important? Absolutely! Many companies use so called "low cost" or even "FREE" inspections to get in your door. Don't be fooled - once there, they make huge money by selling repair and replacement work (including full sewer replacements) which 9 out of 10 times we have found are completely unnecessary.

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At Hydro Physics Pipe Inspection Services, you will always receive a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! We can't be anymore fair than that! In the event we do find a problem which does require excavation, you will be armed with the facts to get the best contractor for the job and at the best price!

A Note From President T.J. Suiter

At Hydro Physics®, we don't believe you can truly provide an unbiased pipe inspection if you do the installation or repair work as well. We hear horror stories nearly daily from customers, friends, or neighbors, who have been "ripped off" for THOUSANDS of dollars in unnecessary underground work.

It is not commonly known by most that many of these "Drain cleaners/Plumbing Companies" pay their help HUGE commissions (typically from 25%-40%) of the work they sell to people just like you.

At Hydro Physics®, we're working hard to make "rip-off" artists in this industry extinct by giving our customers the facts. You could almost say we've started an underground revolution! By showing our customers exactly what and where the problem is BEFORE one shovel of dirt is moved, we empower our customers with knowledge. And as all of us know… knowledge truly is power.

Give your local Hydro Physics® office a call, and find out how we can save you time, money, and plenty of frustration.


T.J. Suiter

We're up-front about what's down-under!®